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Camilo Garzón (b. 1993, Bogotá, Colombia) is a Colombian American writer, interdisciplinary artist, and poet based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He graduated from Rollins College with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Philosophy and Religious Studies. He is currently a managing editor for Poets Reading the News. His poetry, prose, crónicas, and essays have been featured – or are forthcoming – in, Nomadic Press, Rollins College’s Brushing Art and Literary Journal, Rollins College’s The Independent, Revista Cultural Días Temáticos, among others. His work has been read and selected to be performed to an audience for Play On Words, LITEROCALYPSE, and The Emperor’s New Prose. And his proetry has also been published in two self-published works, Entombed: A proem in five stages and Ontologies: Ten Proems. He recently won one of the inaugural San Francisco Foundation/Nomadic Press Literary Awards for poetry.

A looping video of fire at low transparency.


A collaborative, serialized proem exploring collective human experiences of the pandemic.

Welcome to Hell.

Mark Mumm, Everything I've Lost

The Project

Pandæmonium is an interactive, serialized proem exploring collective human experiences of the pandemic through an alternate, digital hellscape. Initiated by artist Camilo Garzón in March 2020 while under strict lockdown in Lavapiés, Madrid, this multimedia project blends prose, poetry, and hellish imagery to process the surreality of our shifting world and create moments of connection through openings that invite those who wish to pass through the cracks for digital collaboration and co-creation.

This project will be released in three parts, with three opportunities to co-create part of this work that will be open to all. The mischief continues here...

A close-up of the author flipping through pages.

Proem, between prose and poem, from the Russian neologism proeziia—i.e., in between prose and poetry.










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